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I am sincerely grateful to Oksana Voloshina (the organizer of the retreat) for an unforgettable vacation on the seashore, for filling with energy from morning yoga, for unforgettable excursions for fruits, for the most delicious food from a private chef and for a great company))) During the flight home, you are already dreaming about a new trip 🤩 I'm with you!!!!
Irina Zurich

Having been on a retreat for a week in the most magical place (Akamas Turtle Beach) in Cyprus during the velvet season, in the most ecologically clean place on the island, and in the company of like-minded people and professionals in holding such events, I really got that necessary, positive and absolutely necessary charge of female energy, which kept me for almost a year. When you find yourself in the hands of a sensitive, kind, scrupulous and very attentive hostess of this space and the inspirer of this event - Oksana, you understand why you want to come back here again, as soon as possible! She has thought of everything from your specially designed and super balanced detox meal from the most experienced and inspired chef on the island (everything is prepared with local eco-foods and seafood and it's all VERY delicious!!!), to swimming in the warmest and cleanest sea, proper morning exercises, interesting excursions and conversations, yoga classes, massages, hiking in the mountains and even local shopping).
And living in modern and very well-equipped villas will seem to you just a cherry on the cake! I absolutely recommend to go to this retreat and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of balance, beauty, nature and recharge your vital energies! You won't regret a single minute! Bon voyage! Milana❤️

Oksana, hello! Thank you for your wonderful retreat in Cyprus! 🌼 A very cool idea for a small vacation for yourself, a reboot 🙏 in a unique place and in a friendly company, where you can feel the support and exchange of energies. It seems to me that Cyprus and you were created specifically for this program, together you give women real pleasure and the joy of discovering yourself 🌹
I want to note how competently the program is composed: every day a variety of practices, excursions and new sensations. And a special pleasure is a healthy and delicious menu! 🌿 It's hard to imagine that you can eat exclusively with health benefits and so tasty without the usual hazards! The main thing is that after such a positive charge at your retreat, you want to continue changing your life for the better! Thanks again to you and your team!
♥️ Natalia, Moscow

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